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How To: Post on the Lab Website

  1. Login
  2. Go to the “Dashboard”
  3. Select “Posts” / “Add New”
  4. What You See Is What You Get
  5. “Add Media” / “Upload Files”
  6. “Categories” — select appropriate categories so that navigation remains a snap
  7. “Preview” — proofread!!!
  8. “Publish”

Lab Notebook Guidelines

• Each section has a clear, descriptive heading of the experiments which were  performed and detailed writing of the experimental observations, thoughts, and results.
• Each entry is dated.
• Each entry is legible.
• Each entry is in English.
• Each entry is written immediately after the work was performed.
• Multiple lab notebooks should be labeled numerically in the order of which they were written.
• Experimental data, originals or copies (e.g. micrographs), should pasted or taped into lab notebooks. If copies are made, originals should be organized in a separate binder on which the lab notebook number and page are denoted.
• On collaborations, clearly indicate who did what work and who was present for which experiments.
• At the end of a research project, all lab notebooks will be returned and archived in the group for use by as reference for future students.

The notebook itself is the property of Michigan State University. If you terminate your employment, you must turn this notebook over to your group.

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