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New Friesen lab paper out in the ISME Journal

Jeff and Maren’s new perspectives paper about exoenzyme production by free-living diazotrophs is available online in the ISME Journal! The paper is open access and can be viewed at the link below:

This paper lays out the conceptual basis for a lot of the experiments we’re conducting in association with our EAGER grant (info on that here).

Paper on Streptomyces thermoautotrophicus out in Scientific Reports!

Jeff here – Dr. Friesen and I are authors on a multi-institutional paper about Streptomyces thermoautotrophicus, the organism that spawned the Oxygen-tolerant Nitrogenase project, which came out today in Scientific Reports:

This paper results from the combined efforts of labs in Michigan, California, Argentina, Germany, and the UK.  This collaboration began when everyone involved realized they were simultaneously working on the same topic and decided to collaborate rather than compete – science can be an amazing venue for bringing people together!

We’ve met some amazing people through this project and traveled to some truly bizarre places (see our post on Microbe Hunting in Centralia PA).  Furthermore, the backstory on S. thermo makes this paper a great read!  A couple different press-releases came out in conjunction with this paper as well:

Medicago Ecological Genomics of Salinity Adaptation Paper

Maren’s paper on the genomics of salinity adaptation in Tunisian Medicago truncatula populations just came out in BMC Genomics. Read the full paper here. This was a major collaborative effort between labs in Tunisia and the US, as reflected in the long list of coauthors. This research was funded by the NSF Plant Genome program through a project that Maren initiated and spearheaded as a grad student & then helped lead during her postdoc.