Extracting DNA from Leaf


1) Take ~0.5g of leaf matter and place in 15mL tubes

2) Add 1mL of 0.2M NaOH to the tube

3) Boil for 1 minute

4) Add 1mL 0.2M HCl and 0.5mL of 0.5M Tris 8.0 plus 25% Tween

5) Mix and cover the tube (allow for ventilation)

6) Boil for 2 minutes

7) Remove all liquid

8) Place tissue in mortar & pestle.  Add 0.5mL 10mM Tris 8.0.  Grind

9)  Add 1mL of 10mMTris

10) Use 2 mL of the liquid for PCR