Culturing Bacteria into Liquid Media

1. Clean and sanitize the bio hood with 70% EtOH. Clean gloves and all materials that will be entering the hood.

2. Remove the pipette from packaging and attach to dispenser.

3. Label all test tubes with bacteria type, colony letter, your initials and the date.

4. Place 10 mL of the liquid media into each test tube.

5. Remove the parafilm from the petri dish and open lid.

6. Use a inoculating loop to select a single colony of the bacteria and place the loop head into the solution to dispense. make sure to rinse throughly.

7. reseal the petri dish and mark the colony’s location with the colony letter.

8. seal all test tubes. place the samples into the incubator for about 24hours.

****with each batch of bacteria cultures, there must be a control negative tube that contains the liquid media but no bacteria sample. this is to ensure no contamination has occurred.