PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) for 2 Different Primers


1) Prepare 1 Master mix to make sure reagents in both primer reactions are homogeneous.

2)  Take reagents out of freezer and let them thaw. (buffer, DNTPs, Taq, DI Water, and 2  different primers).

3)  Get ice bucket for reagents while not in use.

3)  Add DI Water into tubes first, then add reagents. (DO NOT ADD PRIMERS YET)

4) Split Master mix into two (111 microliters) and put into two separate tubes.

5) Add 7.9 microliters of one primer to one tube and add 7.9 microliters of other primer to the other tube.

6) Pre-plan in notebook well-plate setup

7) Add DNA to well-plates.

8) Centifuge well-plates (DO NOT FORGET TO BALANCE)

9) Place in thermocycler to begin PCR.