Maren & Colleen visit Imperial College

… and somehow manage to take exactly zero pictures. We had some good long chats with Bill Rutherford and James Murray about our new Nitrogenase project, and had an epic tourist afternoon with Bill in which we visited:

  • Albert Hall
  • Kensington Gardens (we glimpsed the Prince’s palace)
  • Marble Arch
  • the massive barbed wire around Buckingham Palace
  • the Victoria Station construction site
  • Westminster Cathedral
  • Westminster Abbey
  • House of Parliament
  • The London Eye
  • Drummond St. (for Indian food)
  • St. Pancras station (ie. Valhalla)
  • SoHo

It was great to talk science and see the Imperial lab setup, including going for very traditional fish & chips with tartar sauce and mushy peas with Bill’s lab!

Maren imported some (double-sealed) strains with an official letter from Bill that verified that they were legit. We got through customs with flying colors and are now doing some more culturing here at MSU…