Amr Wardeh

Amr_lab pic

Amr was an undergraduate research assistant at the Friesen lab from March-August 2013. He is double majoring in neuroscience and human biology, and is planning to pursue a career in medicine. He assisted with the cophylogeney and the microbiome projects. He mainly worked on the analysis of bacterial 16S DNA sequence data taken from trifolium nodules.

Even though he’s Syrian, Amr was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, where he graduated from Khaled International School in May 2010 before he decided to come to the US to pursue higher education. He’s interested in many things, including, but not limited to, symbiotic interactions between organisms, plasticity in the nervous system (neuroplasticity), and bioinformatics. During his free time, Amr enjoys playing table tennis, biking, weight lifting, programming, and keeping up with technology.