Dean’s Research Scholars Program

I, Katie Wozniak, have been selected to serve as a Dean’s Research Scholar for the College of Natural Science here at MSU for the 2015-2016 school year. The Dean’s scholars are a group of undergraduate students who do research in math and science and are able to effectively communicate their research to a broad range of alumni. Scholars travel to speaking engagements and attend special events where they interact one-on-one with alumni of Michigan State University.

Each of the scholars have a biography and Q&A posted online. They also maintain a blog about their experiences speaking to alumni. Since I am new to the program, the College of Natural Science’s photographer, Harley Seeley, came to take pictures of me in our lab’s greenhouse! ¬†Harley brought his lighting, ¬†computer, and a top of the line camera along with him. After exploring different poses that took into account the lighting, he began shooting. Harley was able to capture ~60 unique images.

The photos will be reviewed and sent to me for my critiques soon. I will be sure to post a link to my Dean’s Research Scholar webpage as soon as it is available!

Harley J. Seeley sets up photography equipment in one of the Friesen Lab's greenhouses.

Harley J. Seeley sets up photography equipment in one of the Friesen Lab’s greenhouses.

For more information about MSU’s Dean’s Research Scholars, please visit: