Undergraduate Opening: Microbiology

The Friesen lab is seeking motivated undergraduate students with an interest in microbiology to assist on a project culturing novel microorganisms with the ability to fix nitrogen. The position will require a minimum of 10 hours of lab work a week; work times can be set to accommodate academic schedules. Main duties will include culturing bacteria from environmental samples, glassware washing, preparation and sterilization of solid and liquid media, decontamination and disposal of used culturing materials. Candidates will be trained in sterile technique and exposed to culturing techniques for a variety of organisms with diverse metabolic demands along with basic molecular biology (e.g., PCR) and microscopy techniques. Furthermore, candidates will be encouraged to design and implement side research projects that complement larger project goals. These positions are currently available on a volunteer or for-credit basis.

Please apply through https://friesen.plantbiology.msu.edu/?page_id=352